HP HPE ML30 Gen9 Tower Server

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GCTL Provides:

       - HP ML30 Gen9 Tower Server

       - HPE ProLiant ML30 Gen9 Server

       - Availability: In Stock

       - 1x Intel® Xeon E3-1220v6 (3.0 GHz/4-core/8MB/80W)

       - Chipset: Intel C236 Chipset

      - Cache Memory: 8MB Level 3 cache per processor

      - Memory (RAM: HPE 8GB 2Rx8 PC4-2133P-E-15 STND Kit

HPE ProLiant tower servers in Bangladesh this is the world’s most secure industry standard servers.

A new compute experience simplifying Hybrid IT: Trusted servers built for today and tomorrow we’re living in an era of digital disruption, where the accessibility and adoption of Big Data, mobility, Internet of Things, and cloud-native technologies are enabling companies to transform their businesses in exciting new ways. At the heart of these technologies are applications and data, and this has placed IT at the center of business innovation. IT needs to operate at the speed of today’s business, to be an accelerator of new ideas, products and services. For IT to be successful in speeding time to value, a Hybrid IT infrastructure is needed in order to deliver the Right Mix of infrastructure and services to develop and deploy applications on a continuous basis and draw insights and make decisions from data.

GCTL Provides

      - HP ML30 Gen9 Tower Server

       - HPE ProLiant ML30 Gen9 Server

HP ML30 Gen9 Tower Server


HPE ML30 Gen9 NHP 4LFF CTO Server

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1x Intel® Xeon E3-1220v6 (3.0GHzz/4-core/8MB/80W)

Processor upgradeable

Processors upgradeable upto 2 (Total 8 cores)


Intel C236 Chipset

Cache Memory

8MB Level 3 cache per processor

Memory (RAM)

HPE 8GB 2Rx8 PC4-2133P-E-15 STND Kit


2x 1TB 6G SATA 7.2K rpm NHP Hard Disk

Storage Controller

HP Embedded Smart Array B140i SATA RAID Controller (RAID 0/1/10)

Network Interface Card

HP Ethernet 1Gb 2-port Adapter

DVD-RW Drive



Factory integrated

Hot Plug Power Supply

HPE 350W NHP Power supply

Expansion Slots

Four (4) PCIe expansion slots

Internal Storage

4 LFF drive bays (non-hot-plug and hot-plug), 8 SFF hot-plug drive bays


Serial 1, Video 1, Network RJ-45-2, Network Port 2 (1 shared for HPE Integrated Lights-Out), Micro SD Slot (internal) USB 3  6 (4 front, 2 rear)USB 2 (4) (2 rear, 1 internal standard USB, 1 internal USB header)


iLO4 Management port


No Monitor

OS Supported

Microsoft Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 (32 bit and 64 bit),SUSE LINUX Enterprise S


Power-on password, Serial interface control; Administrator's password

Form Factor

Micro ATX Tower (4U)


3 Years HP Standard Warranty

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Why choose HPE ProLiant rack and tower servers?
HPE is committed to innovation, quality, and an excellent customer experience. Our approach to excellence in our innovation and quality is instilled across the product lifecycle, from our customer-first approach to design, to our supplier selection, quality and management, to our world-class manufacturing and rigorous product testing, to our global support services and network of channel partners. More than 1 million customers over
25+ years have built their business on HPE ProLiant servers making HPE #1 in worldwide total server revenue with 21 years straight of leadership.

With HPE ProLiant rack and tower servers, you can deliver consistent and predictable agility, security, and economic control across your Hybrid IT infrastructure.

The rack and tower servers are available in these families:
•    HPE ProLiant MicroServer
•    HPE ProLiant ML
•    HPE ProLiant DL

Agility: A better way to deliver business results with a software-defined infrastructure that delivers intelligent automation and high performance reducing operational complexity for traditional applications while increasing velocity for the new breed of applications.

Security: A better way to protect your business and data with an infrastructure that has security designed in from the start.

Economic control: A better way to consume IT that allows you to pay for only what you use, scaling on demand without overprovisioning or incurring exponentially escalating costs.

HPE ProLiant MicroServer
Compact, quiet and stylish, the HPE ProLiant MicroServer is ideal as a first solution for small businesses. With just right performance in a form factor that is easy to use and service, the MicroServer helps you drive down expenses while improving productivity and efficiency. And best of all, you don’t need a server room to have a server.

The HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 supports 4K streaming media with two-display port and come pre-loaded with ClearOS, an easy-to-use operating system and applications just right for SOHO.

The HPE ProLiant MicroServer provides the following benefits:
•    Easy to set up and service
•    Cool design and ability to place it anywhere

HPE ProLiant Gen10 and Gen9 tower servers
The ML family of servers delivers simple, efficient business value and is the ideal choice for remote or branch offices and growing businesses. Industry-leading compute innovations include simple management and storage tools, along with proven configurations that provide easy remote access and improved energy efficiencies to lower your total cost of ownership (TCO). Integrated with a simplified but comprehensive management suite and industry-leading support, the ProLiant tower portfolio delivers more business value and helps increase IT staff productivity and expedite service delivery. In addition, the complete, right-sized tower portfolio includes financing options, a service, and a channel network to significantly increase the speed of IT operations and enable IT to respond to business needs faster.

The HPE ProLiant tower portfolio delivers:
•    Simplicity with easy-to-use tools, processes, and support to help server administrators keep hardware running
•    Efficiency that office managers need to help improve employee productivity
•    Affordability to increase business agility and help acquire and retain customers
HPE ProLiant Gen10 and Gen9 rack servers
The DL family of servers are the most flexible, reliable, and performance-optimized ProLiant rack servers—ever. HPE continues to provide industry-leading compute innovations, the new HPE ProLiant Gen10 rack portfolio, with flexible choices and versatile design, along with improved energy efficiencies, ultimately lowers your TCO. Integrated with a simplified, but comprehensive management suite and industry-leading support,
the ProLiant Gen10 rack portfolio delivers a more reliable, fast, and secure infrastructure solution, helps increase IT staff productivity, and accelerates service delivery. In addition, the rack portfolio is performance-optimized for multi-application workloads to significantly increase the speed of IT operations and enable IT to respond to business needs of any size, faster.

The HPE ProLiant Gen10 rack portfolio delivers:
•    Up to 71% performance increase and 27% increase in core with the new Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors2
•    Up to 27X faster checkpoint operations enabling significantly faster business operations3
•    66% greater memory bandwidth increasing application performance for memory-intensive applications4
•    14% more processor cores for greater VM density and 33% greater memory capacity for better VM performance and price/performance using AMD EPYC™ processors5

The HPE ProLiant Gen9 rack portfolio delivers the right compute for the right workload at the right economics—every time. They are built to excel for any size business, for any size workload, in any environment with:
•    66X faster service delivery with simple automation, saving admin time, and reducing errors from manual steps6
•    4X faster workload performance to transform the business, growing revenue, margin, and share7

HPE Gen10 Technology portfolio
HPE ProLiant servers feature user-inspired innovations to make IT simpler,8 including:

•    Optimize performance with Intelligent System Tuning (IST) that includes jitter smoothing, core boosting, and workload matching
•    The latest processor technologies including Intel Xeon Scalable processors and AMD EPYC 7000 Series processors
•    Enhance server performance with HPE SmartMemory at 2666 MT/s speed and HPE Fast Fault Tolerance (for Intel processors only)
•    The World’s fastest Persistent Memory at multi-terabyte scale
•    Easily select, deploy, manage, and maintain HPE server infrastructure over the server lifecycle with HPE OneView, HPE iLO 5, and iLO Amplifier Pack

•    Protect from attacks with the HPE exclusive, Silicon Root of Trust
•    Detect compromised code or malware with Run-time Firmware Verification
•    AMD Secure Processor technology enables Secure Memory Encryption (SME) and Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) for added security
•    Recover firmware to last good known state or factory settings with Secure Recovery
•    Enhanced security enabled with iLO 5 Advanced Premium Security Edition
•    Security hardware options including Trusted Platform Module (TPM), Chassis Intrusion Detection Kit, and Secure NICs

Economic control
•    HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity provides the simplicity and flexibility of the public cloud with the security and control of your own environment

Transition guide
The Gen10 family offers the right compute to meet all your diverse workload needs. As such, we’re tailoring compute to offer more flexibility and choice, such as offerings from both Intel and AMD, HPE FlexibleLOM, HPE Smart Array, HPE SmartMemory, NVMe, HPE Persistent Memory, and many more options.

Germany Computer And Telecom Limited Sales varity of HP Servers Like

Small Scale Servers: Is this your first server? Consider these HPE ProLiant Essential servers.
- MicroServer Gen10
- ML30 Gen9
- DL20 Gen9

Right-Sized Servers: Are your IT needs growing? Consider these HPE ProLiant 100 series servers.
- ML110 Gen10

Versatile Performance Servers: Are you continuing to need traditional IT for diverse workloads? Consider these HPE ProLiant 300 series servers.
- ML350 Gen10
- DL360 Gen9
- DL360 Gen10
- DL380 Gen9
- DL380 Gen10
- DL325 Gen10
- DL385 Gen10

Scale-up Servers: Do you need to scale up? Consider these HPE ProLiant 500 series servers.
- DL560 Gen10
- DL580 Gen9
- DL580 Gen10

HPE server and infrastructure management softwares:
For better insight and control
Today, most IT professionals wrestle with numerous management pains, including:
•    Infrastructure management complexity—There are too many infrastructure management tools to learn and operate, resulting in high IT operating expenses. This proliferation drives up software license costs, as well as increases the time and cost of maintenance—including skills maintenance.
•    Scale and speed—In enterprise data centers with thousands or tens of thousands of servers, traditional infrastructure management tools cannot scale or operate at the high speeds necessary to effectively manage server sprawl.
•    Siloed infrastructure and outdated IT operational models—There are often too many non-standard manual tasks, an over-reliance on subject matter experts, and an
ever-expanding backlog of projects. The answer to these challenges is to follow a new IT operational model—namely the software-defined data center (SDDC).
•    Planned and unplanned downtime—Depending on your line of business, the cost of downtime can be millions of dollars of lost revenue. Knowing these costs, IT pros need tools and processes designed to eliminate or dramatically reduce downtime.

To address these gaps, a new management methodology is required—one that drives better system control and greater insight into problems before they occur. And Hewlett Packard Enterprise has it.

HPE infrastructure management is delivered through a complete portfolio of HPE ProLiant lifecycle management capabilities that can flexibly operate from embedded management and system utilities, converged management for software-defined data centers, and support management. Managing HPE ProLiant servers with HPE infrastructure management results in increased efficiency and precise control of resources, with a rich set of capabilities that
are easy to access and simple to use, HPE infrastructure management encompasses critical areas such as server deployment and configuration, health and alerting, energy, power, remote management, and warranty and contract information access via a cloud-based portal. The core components that comprise HPE infrastructure management are Embedded Management, Integrated Lights-Out (iLO), and HPE OneView. With HPE infrastructure management’s built-in automation, HPE ProLiant servers are so intelligent that they practically manage themselves.

In addition, scripting tools such as the Scripting Tool Kit (STK) as well as Service Pack for ProLiant and Smart Update Manager provide breakthrough system maintenance tools that systematically update HPE ProLiant rack and tower servers with one-click simplicity at the scale of your data center.

HPE OneView infrastructure management:
HPE OneView is your infrastructure automation engine to simplify operations, increasing the speed of IT delivery for new applications and services. Through software-defined intelligence, HPE OneView brings a new level of automation to infrastructure management by taking a template driven approach to provisioning, updating, and integrating compute, storage, and networking infrastructure. Designed with a modern, standard-based API and supported by a large and growing partner ecosystem, HPE OneView also makes it easy to integrate powerful infrastructure automation into existing IT tools and processes.

Take command with HPE OneView to:
•    Deploy infrastructure at cloud like speed: Template-based automation enables IT generalists to rapidly and reliably provision resources in response to application owner requirements.
•    Simplify lifecycle operations: Agentless monitoring, online frictionless, non-disruptive firmware updates, auto-discovery of hundreds of servers in just one click, and the Global Dashboard software deliver streamlined lifecycle operations at scale.
•    Develop more apps faster: The unified API gives developers and ISVs the power to unify infrastructure automation with application and IT service delivery.

HPE OneView innovations provide you the industry’s best infrastructure management experience, simplifying operations for HPE BladeSystem, HPE ProLiant servers, HPE Apollo servers and HPE Superdome X systems, HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage, HPE StoreVirtual VSA iSCSI storage, HPE Networking, and HPE ConvergedSystem. It is an essential ingredient in the HPE Hyper Converged 380 virtual machine vending environment and powers management for the industry’s first composable infrastructure, HPE Synergy. By deploying
HPE OneView today, you place your IT operations firmly on the path toward a composable future.

Please note that the HPE OneView license includes the right to use HPE Insight Control
until you complete your transition.

HPE iLO 5 server management
HPE Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) allows you to configure, monitor and update your HPE servers seamlessly from anywhere in the world. Providing you with consistent insight into the health and operation of your servers, HPE iLO arms you with the tools to resolve issues and keep your business running. Featuring the latest innovations in simplified operations, performance, and security, HPE iLO allows you to manage your entire server environment with ease.

Upgrade your licenses for additional functionality, such as graphical remote console, multi-user collaboration, video record/playback, and much more. Use the HPE iLO Licensing Guide to determine which of our three licensing upgrade options is right for you.

iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition
Exclusively available on HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers, the iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition license delivers all the management capabilities of the iLO Advanced license with premium security features like Server System Restore, Commercial National Security Algorithms (CNSA) mode, Run-time Firmware Verification, Automatic Secure Recovery and Secure Erase of NAND/User data.
Learn more at iLO Advanced
Ideal for the enterprise environment, this license provides advanced remote functionality and all the HPE iLO features to improve speed, scale, and simplicity. Key features include Integrated Remote Console, Virtual Media and iLO Federation (rapid discovery, inventory and management at scale).

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