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Open Server Rack

42U Open Network Rack Adjustable 2 Leg
42U Open Server Rack Adjustable 4 Leg
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Open Server Rack

Our range of co-location Open Server racks provide a secure way of housing several clients networking equipment in one rack. Each compartment of our Open Server racks is securely segregated and individually keyed for increased security. Every co-location cabinet features cable entry at the top and bottom and are load rated. Supplied with reinforced mesh doors and Glass Door, they can be interchanged with solid steel or advanced IP-based locking systems. Designed and built to the client’s any configuration, the cabinets are modular and use pre-loaded and retrospective compartment options for installation. This flexibility gives Open Server racks Managers maximum use of space within cabinets, maximum revenues per U of rack and best environment optimization of rack layout in Bangladesh.Multiple rack layouts are available, click here to contact us so we can design a solution to fit your requirements.                                

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Why Choose GCTL Racks?

High-quality data center racks with up to Common perforation, higher than any other brand in the market. Designed with a maximum amount of air flow through the rack of heat dissipation. Highly cost-effective solutions, structured to suit customers’ budget. Robust support system to assist all customer need Any Where in Bangladesh.

GCTL’S Server Rack Benefits:

-          Extended level of access to the equipment

-          Perforated glass doors fixed to front doors

-          Open frames on the rear end

-          Standard RAL UL Listed Products

-          Same model covering all U requirements.

-          One model to cover all your requirements

-          Capacity to load heavy equipment easily

-          Allows maximum airflow inside the racks - up to 3.4kW of heat dissipation

-          Enables smooth server installation without any tool or support

-          Facilitates comfortable IT installation

-          Provides insulation and smooth closing of doors

-          Helps IT engineers to install equipment without mismatch

-          Enables external electrical grounding

-          Accommodates small depth IT equipment

-          Removes hot air inside racks and helps maintain the temperature