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Server Rack Price in Bangladesh

Whether it is a small business, medium-size office or large data center, the planning Time will be a crucial moment for determining the precise Server Rack configuration requirements. GCTL Networking will help you from all sides about Server Rack Price, Server Rack Size, Server Rack Accessories, Server Rack Equipment, Server Rack Service suggestions please call us get best service from anywhere in Bangladesh. GCTL is the part of Germany Computer and Telecom Limited. We are best Server Rack importer, seller, distributor and supplier in Bangladesh. we provide you Original Wall Mount Server Rack with original Accessories. we will provide you best solution and service from every side of Server Rack Cabinet with attractive price.

The importance of server racks and cabinets

A vital part of this assessment is ensuring that servers and other network equipment are well maintained, cared for, and properly secured, and one of the best ways to cover all three areas is to consider investing in network rack equipment.

Benefits of Network Server Racks:

When servers and networking equipment are stacked on the floor or on a table, the ventilation of the equipment may be blocked. This can result in the temperature of the equipment increasing, which in turn could impact equipment performance, and could even lead to equipment failure due to overheating. Racks maintain an even space between equipment, aiding ventilation and reducing the need for external cooling.

Racks also make network equipment maintenance an easier task, since everything is in one place and can be organized in a way that makes the equipment as accessible as possible. This can include organizing power and power cables, making it easy to trace those cables and locate potential problems. The ability to organize power and electrical cables also makes the server cabinet a safer place for engineers and technicians, thus reducing the risk of tripping hazards.

Types of network racks:

When choosing a network rack, it is important to consider the needs of the company as well as the space available for installation.

The most basic rack configuration is the two-post rack, which will typically be anchored to the ground and can be additionally attached to the wall if more support is needed. Two-post racks are typically used when patch panels are installed in addition to networking equipment, such as switches, routers, and firewalls. You can also use additional special rails to install some rack-mounted servers in two-post racks.

Like two-post racks, four-post racks have another rack attached from behind, offering greater flexibility and allowing more weight-bearing options such as keyboard trays, shelves, and monitor mounts.

If mobility is a necessity or a consideration, some rack cabinets have casters installed on them to make the entire cabinet easily movable. Servers and networking equipment should be installed in these racks as you would in a four-post rack. For added security, the cabinet enclosures have the same configurations as a four-post rack, but can be locked from the front, back, and sometimes from the sides. This makes the equipment accessible at any given time, but also prevents theft and unauthorized physical access when closed.

Server Rack Guides:

GCTL Networking know that server Company and business owners want to take advantage of as much rack space as possible, especially on 1U and 2U servers. We understand that the industry standard for server racks is 19 inches wide, so we have developed two specific guides to provide optimal performance levels at this same distance. We've also made sure they have super-low profiles and narrow cross sections so that as much closet space as possible is dedicated to servers and other networking equipment.

The Dateup Rack and Toten Server Rack are two front disconnect telescopic rails developed by GCTL Networking specifically for use in server / electronic cabinets and include devices that specifically make server maintenance a much easier task. Ideal for 1U and 2U servers, the 2807 rail comes with clamps attached and has a load capacity of 45 kg. The 2907 guide has optional mounting brackets and a load capacity of 55 kg.

With 100 +% extension, the equipment can be completely removed from the cabinet for full access to the module by engineers and technicians. The locking device in open position allows the equipment to be held and supported in this position, which is not only beneficial for the equipment, but also ensures the safety of the engineers during maintenance procedures.

Part of GCTL Networking's range of Server Rack Enclosure guides: the 42U Server Rack, 6U Server Rack Cabinet, 15U Server Rack and 9U Server Rack guides. Like the 2907 and 2807 guides, the 0301 and 0305 carry 100 +% extension to provide full and easy access to the server racks, although these two guides also have a higher load capacity of 70 kg to accommodate servers bigger. In addition to the locking device in the open position, both the 0204 and 0305 guides have a front disconnect device, allowing the server to be completely disconnected from the rack for maintenance work.

Although server racks help stop servers from overheating, the power generated when they are in use can still produce large amounts of heat. For this reason, all of our electronics enclosure guides are designed for use in extreme temperatures and can withstand temperatures up to 70-110 ° C.

If you work in the electronic drive and / or server industry and are interested in how GCTL Set Server Cabinet Guides can improve your next project or are interested in improving your company's server rack cabinets, 

What is Server rack space; how it is measured, how it is billed

What is rack space; how it is measured, how it is billed; managed rack space. We are going to touch on a specific topic for people involved in housing or colocation, a fascinating topic, I must admit it but, in many respects, unknown.

What is " Server rack space" or "rack space"?

Rack space refers to the amount of physical space that your server or servers occupy in a rack in a co-location facility. Typical complete racks are 42 units and extend from floor to ceiling. The colocation facility provides the access to the network and basically rents space to house your servers in an open rack or cabinet. Typically, you buy a server that is rack mountable in the cabinet, so the space you rent is referred to as " Network Server rack space."

How is rack space measured?

Standing Server Rack and mountable servers are typically named in size 1U, 2U, and so on. This refers to the number of slot machines that the rack or cabinet occupies. 1 U at our co-location facility is approximately 1.75” (inches), something like 4.445 cm. If you have a rack-mountable server, the vendor who bought it can tell you what size it is. Otherwise, you can calculate the size based on 1U roughly equal to 1.75 ″. If you have a tower server, you can measure the width of the server, including the base, because these types of servers can be placed horizontally on their sides, although we recommend that you purchase a rack-mount server if you are purchasing a new server.

How is rack space billed?

Rack space is generally available in 1U, per cabinet, or half cabinet placement installations. If you are getting a half cabinet, you need to consider who will share the other half of the cabinet and possibly have access to your servers. Also, the cost of a half or full cabinet may be out of the price range of some companies. Server placement also requires a budget for staff to maintain the servers 24/7 and possibly travel to the data center in an emergency or pay expensive site staff costs to restart the servers. To minimize your need to be on site, you should work with your colocation provider to develop a management plan.

What is managed Networking rack space?

A managed hosting company will rent you space and manage your services and software. This rack space comes with outsourced services so you don't have to employ 24 x 7 staff to monitor and maintain networks, hardware, security, backups, and software. They typically manage some networking, hardware, operation, and possibly database administration functions. However, in most cases, you will remain responsible for any issues with your data or your application. You will need to hire in-house or contract developers and database support staff to solve problems with your application code caused by problems with your data, bugs, or hackers. You may end up in a situation where you think the problem is with the network or the server and your managed hosting company. The problem is in the application.

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