DATEUP Network Server Rack Cabinet 42U(800mmx1000x2055)mm Floor Standing

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DATEUP Network Server Rack Cabinet 42U(800mmx1000x2055)mm Floor Standing Description:

DATEUP Server Rack Features:
 a. Zinc Plated mounting profile.
 b. Meet IP20 Protection Grade;
 c. Secure, firm and reliable structure;
 d. Excellent Air Ventilation Design with Cooling Fans;
 e. Three Ways, Top, Bottom, and Rear Cabling Tunnels;
 f. Easy to install and maintain;
 g. Certification: ISO 9001:2000.
 h. OEM service available
 i. Around 1/3 assembled original volume when flat back

DATEUP Network Server Rack Cabinet 42U(800mmx1000x2055)mm Floor Standing Overview

Server rack cabinets are important to your business success because they provide a space for vital equipment that is crucial to the survival of your organization. If you select the right server rack, you will keep your equipment cool, your power running, and your downtime minimized. Our DATEUP Server Rack cabinets are the best choice for Data centers, public transportation, smart cities, and enterprise computer rooms to achieve data efficiency, energy conservation, and safety. it can provide a good and stable working environment for the equipment inside the cabinet. The details and installation process of DATEUP MS series can be learned through the video. You must pick a server rack with enough space to house all of your equipment, as well as any additional future purchases. If you are building a new datacenter, try to build away from roads, reduce the number of windows in the datacenter, and make sure there is physical security on all exits and entrances.

Considerations When Buying Data Center Server Rack:

                - Enough Space for Equipment

                - Flexibility & Manageability

                - Enough Weight Capacity of Rack

                - Best Cooling Efficiency

                - Server Rack Security

DATEUP Server Rack Enclosure:

Germany Computer and Telecom Limited Providing the new DATEUP Server Rack with IP20 is sealed version of our premium floor cabinet. IP20 means maximum protection from dust. The cabinet is available with cooling units and top plates or side panels with precut ventilation. Both versions provide for an airtight fitting with our cooling units. GCTL are committed to finding the solution that best fits you. GCTL is importer, Distributer, supplier, wholesaler, retailer of Varito Server Rack in Bangladesh with best price. We are leading this sector from many years with best support engineer team. 


   DATEUP Server Rack Enclosure



Country of Origin

  UL Listed


  800 mm


  1000 mm


  2055 mm



 Best enough space: Our Server Rack Enclosure have the option of off-centre positioning, you can create enough of space where you need. A big space on both sides, and an extra large space on one side.

 Easy to install: Our Server Rack is built with aluminum profiles and supports up to 800 kilos. The enclosure is assembled with nothing but screws, making it easy to assemble, dismantle and reassemble. The DATEUP Rack can be adapted as your business grows and changes.

 Nice Design: GCTL Rack enclosures look so good that they are as suitable in an office as in a server room. The DATEUP is definitely no exception. Its rounded corners give it a sleek look. Concealed screws, aluminum profiles and an integrated door contribute to a streamlined appearance.

 We also Provides Below sizes Server Rack Cabinet:

  • 42U
  • 32U
  • 22U
  • 15U
  • 12U
  •   9U
  •   6U

 With Server Rack Cabinet, we also sell/Provide below Server Rack Accessories:
• Fixed Tray
• Sliding Tray
• Mesh Door
• Glass Door
• Cooling Fan

Technical Specifications of Our Server Rack:

  • Varito Server rack enclosures are available in many heights in combination with widths and depths.
  • Screw-assembled frame with aluminum profiles and die-cast zinc corners. The frame has two integrated vertical screw pockets in each corner profile for universal mounting of accessories.
  • Frame can be dismantled by means of screws.
  • Finish: Black
  • Ingress protection class IP20.
  • Maximum static load and divided on 4 19″ profiles.
  • Front and rear door is made of 1 mm perforated sheet steel built into an aluminum frame.
  • Sheet steel side panels, easy to detach and lockable from inside. Integrated handle for easier handling.
  • The top consists of replaceable modular panels. One panel has cable glands with brush strip on the back and the rest are cover plates. Can be replaced with ventilation panels, fan packages or panels with integrated cable glands. All modules can be rotated 90° and assembled with the cable glands on the left and/or right side. The U-shaped panel with integrated cable glands makes it easy to move pre-existing installations into the enclosure.
  • The base is open, but can be fitted with cover plate/base plate packages.

 Industry Standard: Complies with ANSI/EIA,RS-31OD,IEC297-2,DIN41491:PART1,DIN41494:PART7,GB/T3047.2-92,;ETSI Standard

Material: SPCC high-quality cold rolled steel

Thickness:Mounting profiles:2.0mm;Mounting rails:1.5mm;Other enclosures:1.2mm

Loading Capacity:Staic loading: 800KG

Degree of Protection: IP20

Surface: Degreasing, Pickling, Phosphoric, powder coating.

Side Panels: Removable with Easy Handy Latches.
 Server Rack Enclosure in Bangladesh

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